Rapid Repair

ESA South, Inc. can help to quickly repair damaged infrastructure in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. As a General Contractor, a Demolition/Abatement Contractor, and a Disaster Relief Contractor; Rapid Infrastructure Repair is where ESA’s three core competencies come together into a single effort. Whether the need is for temporary protection from the elements or for accelerated permanent repair, ESA South is extremely well-adapted to support these types of projects.

  • Debris Mitigation
  • Rapid Temporary Repairs (Temporary Roofing, Windows, Doors, etc.)
  • Water Intrusion Mitigation
  • Mold Remediation
  • Facility Condition Assessments
  • Permanent Facility Repairs (Roofing)
  • Facility Demolition
  • Design Build or Bid Build Construction Requirements


ESA South was pleased to be a part of the Mission to help stand up Tyndall AFB and work as a subcontractor to KBR after the devastating Hurricane Michael on Oct. 10, 2018. ESA South, as well as a few other First Tier subcontractors, were charged with providing subcontracted disaster relief of Hurricane Michael at Tyndall Air Force Base, FL. Under the AFCAP program, the mission was a progression of debris removal, damage assessments, temporary preservation, permanent repairs, building envelopes, remediation, (including mold, lead, and asbestos), interior build backs and demolition. ESA South was involved in almost every aspect of the AFCAP mission and was instrumental in saving approximately 18 buildings while this phase was ongoing. Including dormitories, top clearance buildings, buildings on the flight line including hangars.

Building Envelopes – This Statement of Work included the list of building damages to be restored to a pre-hurricane condition. This included all work that will be incidental to correcting the listed type of building damages. ESA South performed no less than 7 mission critical buildings with great success meeting accelerated timelines.  The work included but was not limited to: Standing seems metal roofs meeting required wind speeds: Miami Dade, 20 years no limit warranty, moisture warranty, and sealed engineering.

Remediation- Included the Removal of Mold Contaminated Drywall, asbestos and lead. Removal of Drywall, Insulation, Acoustical ceilings, and other finishes equipped with a close capture exhaust system attached to a HEPA filtered vacuum for dust control. 

Work included but was not limited to Ceiling and insulation removal, HVAC System Decontamination, plumbing components, concrete block wall decontamination, waste disposal, remediation area completion, worker safety, worker training, and qualification. 

ESA South remediated over 20 buildings including all five major hangars on Tyndall. At any given time, ESA South had upwards of 150+ remediators, build back workers on site along with ESA South personal including 20-25 in-house managers that ramped up and down as necessary for a successful mission.

Build Back –ESA South was awarded and performed build back work on four of the five 5 hangars at Tyndall AFB along with dormitories and other mission critical buildings.  We have succeeded in meeting the accelerated schedules to get the buildings operational on time, within budget and with minimal to no punch outs.  The key to this success was the management and close communication between all parties involved. From the start of the mission, ESA South has worked 7 days a week supporting KBR and the Air Force, safely and efficiently to ensure a successful mission.

Apart from our mission at Tyndall, ESA South has conducted these types of services as a prime contractor throughout CONUS for USAF, Army Corps of Engineers, Dept. of Veterans Affairs, NAVFAC, and NASA. 

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