Demolition & Abatement

ESA South is a full-service environmental remediation and demolition contractor. The CEO of the company, Malcom Gibson opened ESA in 1982 in South Dakota and the firm specialized in asbestos abatement until he moved to Florida and opened ESA South with Sean P. Harmon to continue that same line of services in other parts of the country. Since ESA South opened in 1999, we have been performing demolition services and hazardous materials removal such as asbestos abatement, lead paint remediation, and mold remediation for commercial and Federal agencies.

We maintain a fleet of negative air machines as well as fully outrigged work trailers full of demolition tools, tile scrapers, containment/barricade materials, and safety gear.

Our crews are available to deploy for any size demolition or abatement project in the country. All personnel working on our demo abatement crews are experienced and trained and certified on proper safety/sanitation procedures.

Our demolition and abatement wing of our company is headed up by Jeff Gibson, Vice President. Jeff has specialized in Environmental Remediation; Asbestos & Lead Abatement and mold remediation for over a dozen years. He maintains all the proper licensing and has extensive experience and knowledge of the proper procedures to safely remove these hazardous materials.

Construction Project - ESA South

Core Competencies

  •  Design/Build
  • Selective Interior Demolition
  • Structural Demolition
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Lead Remediation

Recent Demolition/Abatement Experience

Orlando VAMC - D/B Removal of Lead Based Paint at CEP$ 697,179
Eglin Hospital Selective Interior Demo/Abatement$ 1,274,587
Keesler Hospital Modernization$ 1,099,577
Tyndall Hospital Abatement$ 420,774
Bay Pines VAMC – Mold Remediation Bldg 24 & 100$ 17,644
St. Pete VARO – Roof Assembly/Mold Remediation/Envelope$ 8,650,507
Corry Station Abatement & Demo$ 26,400
Corry Station BEQ 3701$ 339,438
Ft. Hood – Demo/Abatement EBH Buildings$ 242,663
Bay Pines VAMC – Building 71 Mold Remediation$162,542
NAS Pensacola Officers Quarters Abatement$ 62,195
NAS Pensacola Bldg 603 Demo$ 384,152
Hurlburt Mold Remediation$ 58,931
Port of Panama City $88,690
Exterior Envelope Repairs$ 747,028
Panama City Hospital$34,431

“ESA performed at a very high level throughout this project performance period. Quality Control, Supervision, Time Management, and Safety were all great strengths. ESA is a financially sound and steady contractor. Recommend ESA for future work!”          

- Richard E. Bounds, USACE Facility Management (Project Manager)

Reconfigure Space for ER STAT LAB, Darnall Army Medical Center, Ft. Hood TX

Past Performance

Design/Build Repurpose Embedded Behavioral Health Building 9410, 31002, 24001, & 37016

Location: CRDAMC, Ft. Hood, TX
Contract #:
  W91278‐13‐D‐0047 – 0010, 0011, 0012, & 0013
Amount: $10,164,895

Design-Build project to repair existing buildings and add approximately 30% additional square footage to the existing facilities. The purpose of the Embedded Behavioral Health (EBH) Clinic is to provide early intervention and treatment that promotes soldier readiness (pre, during, and post-deployment). By being stationed in… [Read More]

Construct Community Based Outpatient Clinic

Location: Eglin AFB, FL
Contract #:  VA25614D0206/VA25616J1355
Amount: $8,469,669

Construction of a 17,000 SF building addition and interior renovations to approximately 4,000 SF of an existing CBOC on Eglin AFB, The new CBOC will house exam rooms, minor procedure rooms, mental health rooms, administrative spaces, offices, waiting areas, and other spaces associated with VA outpatient clinics.

Expand ICU

Location:  Malcom Randall VAMC, Gainesville, FL
Contract #: VA248-12-C-1854 / VA248-15-J-1308
Amount:  $7,999,157

Renovation of three existing patient wards, 2A, 2B, and 2D; to remove all existing mechanical systems and finishes then construct an 18 bed Medical Intensive Care Unit and Spinal Cord exam area, located on the second floor of main hospital Building 1, while adding 500 SF of new space.  The Intensive Care wing will have all new mechanical systems in a state-of-the-art medical facility.   

Roof Assembly and Lightning Protection

Location: Bay Pines VARO, St. Petersburg, FL
Contract #: VA101V-14-J-1209
Amount: $8,650,507

Removal of Existing Roof Deck and Supporting Structure, Interior mold remediation, building envelope repair, Install new insulated roof assembly and cold-formed framing structure.

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